Tuesday, July 28, 2009

☆About Me☆

Name: Monika
Nickname: Miki (美姫)
Birthdate: 1994.11.19
Height: 168 cm/5'6.1
Hobbies: Dancing, Drawing
Special skills: Speaking/learning languages (Polish, English, Spanish, Japanese and Mandarin)
Favorite words: Smile, Love
Favorite color: White, Light Blue
Favorite flowers: Dandelions and Cherry Blossom
Favorite season: Spring
Favorite food: Strawberry Crepes, Fruits, Pasta
Disliked food: Mushrooms
Hero: Iida Kaori (飯田 圭織)
Quote: "Just smile and there's nothing you can't overcome~!"

Group: Eternal Lullaby
Years active: 2008-present
Position: Co-Leader

Hello everybody! I'm Monika! I'm fourteen years old and in the online youtube group "Eternal Lullaby". I love singing and dancing with my closest friends and hope one day I'll be able to become famous somewhere in this world for the talents I inherit! Please look forward to my blogs and it's very nice to meet you all!