Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2008. 8. 19.

Lately I've been busy with homework >o

Soooo boring (>___>;;;)

And I've decided to take an Advanced Placement class for my sophmore High School year. Advanced Placement is a college styled course. You'll get the feeling of what college will be like and what not, but most importantly, my teacher is soooo cool ( xD!!!)

For homework you'd get a list of books written about European mdeieval ages and pick one, read it and write a report about it (=w=;;;;;;;;;)

It's not exactly an essay as compared to a book review. The only "essay"-ish part is finding the thesis in the book...but then again that's pretty easy (xD)!

I picked "The Black Death: Natural and Human Disaster in Medieval Europe" by "Robert S. Gottfried"

It's pretty interesting xD;;

I bought a copy for $20!!! Expensive >o

But buying one meant that I could highlight along the way >D!!

And I also have my best friend to help me o(>o<)o!!!!

I call her all the time on my (first) new phone that my daddy bought me!

It has a cute sticker of Amu Hinamori from the manga Shugo Chara on the back. One of my best friends who visited Japan and bought a magazine, got it as a present inside of it and gave it to me me o(>o<)o!!

It's hard to see, but it's superrr cutee!!! (>o<)!!

I also have a cell phone charm from my other best friend (the one who helps me with my homework xDD;;). She bought it for me in Las Vegas :D!!

It's blue like my phone! :3!! I wanted a white phone because of the Tawianese drama, Smiling Pasta, the lead girl Cheng Xiao Shi (Cyndi Wang) had that phone and it looked cute! I'm so happy with my new phone! I can texted unlimitedly and talk to people whenever I want! (>o<)
I've been having a great summer, especially when I went to Poland, but now that I'm back I'm enjoying the last couple of weeks. We start school on the 8th (Dx!!!) but at least my schedule is way better! I see a lot of my friends throughout the day.
First period I see one of my best friends, Brooke and my brother in Drawing. I love drawing!! It's lasting for the first two marking periods.
I think it's second or third...I forget but I have math with my best friend Misha (who gave me the sticker).
I'm not so sure about Saslo becasue we're waiting for her schedule
But we all have lunch together at third lunch: me, Misha, Brooke, our new friend Ethan plus my brother (whose a year and a half [one school year] older than me) and his and my friend James.
Looking forward to the new year (although it'll take a lot of effort) but I'll do my best!!! :3!!

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